.NET Project Examples

Custom Software Development

Professional Athlete Performance Assessment System

This user-friendly solution serves to collect and interpret quantifiable performance data on professional athletes recovering from an injury.

With a range of critical performance metrics at their fingertips, physios can make precise assessments of an athlete’s physical state and adjust training programs accordingly.

Web Application Development

Cutting-Edge Online Presentation Software

A next-generation online presentation product that makes creating impactful slides and amazing visual experiences a breeze.

The system includes a powerful CMS-driven backend and an intuitive PowerPoint presentation wizard with a wide selection of professionally designed fonts, styles, and visuals.

Custom Software Development

Successful ODC Collaboration with an Advertising Agency

One of the top British advertising agencies engaged Cruxoid’s frontend specialists for the development of multiple attractive, mobile-optimized websites for their key clientele.

The ODC model of collaboration provided the necessary flexibility, with Cruxoid quickly ramping up resources on an as-needed basis.

Web Application Development

Secure Licensing and Distribution System

A U.S.-based automobile company approached Cruxoid to develop a secure licensing system to help market and distribute a proprietary product.

Cruxoid delivered a complex license management and distribution solution that allows to effectively manage the whole distribution flow and gives the user full control over product performance and licensing terms.

Custom Software Development

Innovative WebRTC IaaS Solution

An advanced Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution that facilitates the process of creating and deploying WebRTC applications.

The WebRTC client API developed by Cruxoid solves browser compatibility problems and offers developers a unified way to rapidly build enterprise-grade WebRTC applications in a matter of hours, not days.