Why QA Automation

Automated testing is an excellent way to ensure that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs. Compared to manual testing, QA automation offers many benefits that can cut costs, radically reduce time to market, optimize development workflows, and dramatically improve end-product quality.

Faster Time to Market

Automated tests are an order of magnitude faster than a group of manual test engineers. Tests can also run in parallel, so multiple devices, platforms, or browsers can be tested simultaneously.

Cost Savings

New code can break things, so periodic regression testing is a must. To guarantee quality, automated tests can run as many times as needed — without having to pay for manual testing over and over.

Test Complicated Business Logic

QA automation allows testing complicated scenarios and business logic in a robust and reliable manner, saving a lot of effort. How about auto-testing interactive multi-user games or map navigation logic?

Rule Out Human Error

A person performing lengthy or repetitive testing can accidentally skip a scenario step or forget to document an error. Automated testing improves quality by running your tests in a 100% consistent manner.

The Cruxoid Advantage

Cruxoid’s QA Automation team is a strong unit of 5+ automation engineers with an average field experience of 1 to 2 years. Our automation department has three distinct subdivisions each focusing on a specific area of expertise: Web, Mobile, and API testing automation.

Hands-on tech stack knowledge and deep domain expertise. We make it a principle to stay on the industry’s cutting edge, constantly researching and testing new tools to improve our service offering. Our team has man-years of experience with all the industry-standard technologies and frameworks. We also employ domain experts in areas such as e-Commerce, GPS and Navigation, Finance, and others.

Cruxoid Automation Framework. We put our profound field experience into building our own automation framework that can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your workflow and deliver results fast.

The framework brings together the power of industry-standard tools, custom drivers and connectors, automation best practices, and beautiful, sophisticated reporting. Our solution is highly flexible and easy to maintain, meaning we can add or remove modules to automatically test any application or API, whether desktop or mobile.

Why Choose Cruxoid for QA Automation

5+ skilled automation engineers. Cruxoid’s QA automation professionals have an average of 2 years experience each, with 8+ successfully completed automation projects under the belt.

Expert tech knowledge. The Cruxoid team constantly stays on top of the latest developments within the field to make sure you get the latest and greatest in test automation.

Leverage our know-how. Capitalize on our man-years of experience via the Cruxoid Test Automation Framework. Using our framework will translate into broader test coverage, improved robustness, and better results visibility.